How to Maneuver your HDRI Background in 3DS Max

February 5, 2019| pa902
Enviroment Map Applied to Sphere in 3DS Max
Chrome Sphere on Valley Creek Bridge

Im not sure if you ever noticed that if you load an HDRI map in 3ds MAX it comes in mirrored (everything is in the wrong direction) Here I’ll show you how to fix that…it’s really easy. Once you learn if you’ll be able to maneuver your HDRI background any way you like.

Just open a scene in 3D Max and load your environment map, RENDERING –> ENVIROMENT –> USE MAP. In your viewport click default shading or whatever option yo uhave there. Go down to VIEWPORT BACKGROUND and choose enviroment map. Now you can see yoru HDRI in the Viewport. Now go bck to the enviroment / effects window where you loaded the map…bring up the material editor and from the enviroment window draaag the name of the map to an empty slot on the material editor. A window will pop up asking whether you want to copy or instance.. choose instance. Now you’ll see your map in the slot in the material editor.

Now this screen will pop up and from there it’s simple. Firstly to mirror the baackground correctly change U: Tiling to -1. You’ll see in the viewport the imager is mirrored correctly. Now to adjust the horizontal movement of the HDRI just change the value of U: Offset. When you do this you’ll see the background pan around in your viewport. To pan vertically change V: Offset. Now if you want to see more fo the background you can change the Tiling numbers but if your object is really reflective you see the tiling in the reflection …no good. But if your object is not so reflective it works great. I’m still trying to find a fool proof way of making the background smaller so you can see more of it. You can mess with the focal length but this can eventually lead to distortion in the background. Like in this image…

Hdri Applied to Sphere in 3DS Max
Chrome Ball at Farmhouse, Valley Forge Park

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