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How to add an object to your HDRI scene using the ARNOLD Renderer in 3DS MAX

February 5, 2019 |

(Before you start this tutorial make sure you have the ARNOLD renderer chosen as your renderer or some of the options might not look the same) I did a tutorial on placing an object in your HDRI scene using the ART Renderer in 3DS Max so if you read that you’ll be most of the way there for this tutorial. Create a plane and a sphere. Place the sphere in the middle of the plane. You want a big enough plane for the shadow. Load your HDRI map… RENDERING–>ENVIRONMENT–>USE MAP Checked. (Make sure you load a map with strong shadows for this so you can see the results….there are some on my site and they’re totally free) If you want to see your map in the viewport go to the top left in the viewport and where it probably says “Default Shading” click Viewport Background and then choose Environment Background….    read more 

How to Maneuver your HDRI Background in 3DS Max

February 5, 2019 |

Im not sure if you ever noticed that if you load an HDRI map in 3ds MAX it comes in mirrored (everything is in the wrong direction) Here I’ll show you how to fix that…it’s really easy. Once you learn if you’ll be able to maneuver your HDRI background any way you like. Just open a scene in 3D Max and load your environment map, RENDERING –> ENVIROMENT –> USE MAP. In your viewport click default shading or whatever option yo uhave there. Go down to VIEWPORT BACKGROUND and choose enviroment map. Now you can see yoru HDRI in the Viewport. Now go bck to the enviroment / effects window where you loaded the map…bring up the material editor and from the enviroment window draaag the name of the map to an empty slot on the material editor. A window will pop up asking whether you want to copy or instance.. choose instance. Now you’ll see your map in the…    read more 

How to add an obect to your HDRI Environment in 3DS Max using the ART Renderer.

January 10, 2019 |

Placing an object in your HDRI environment would seem to be really easy, and actually it is. But when I decided to learn how to do it I googled it and got a lot of different solutions and most didn’t work. The tutorial that got me on track was actually really confusing and made it seem way harder than it really is. So first I’m going to show you how to get the effect of the object and it’s shadow and after you have that I can give some tips on how to tweak the scene. Start writing or type / to choose a block Ok make a sphere in 3ds Max. Create a plane and place the sphere on the plane. Make the plane pretty big so the shadow of the object (the sphere) fits on it. Your going to apply a material to the sphere and make the…    read more